Our story

In 2002, as a result of 20/20's expose on the abandoned children of Romania, we adopted a four year old, dark eyed Romanian beauty... a little girl who would forever change our lives.

Her story is not unlike many, unfortunately. Promptly abandoned at birth, she was placed in an institution where she languished all of her days in a barren crib for two long years. She was then nursed to physical health until age 4 by a loving foster family. But the effects of her time spent in institutions were already too deeply entrenched into her psyche. And she was forever changed.

Meanwhile and unknowingly our other dark eyed beauty was spending long days in an orphanage in the Republic of Georgia. No orphanage is a place for any child and five years of this life were leaving their mark on her as well. So, as soon as possible, we brought her home and once again our lives were forever changed.

It is these two "Black Sea Sisters" who have been, and always will be, our source of inspiration.

Having seen what a difference love, security and opportunity have made in their lives; and having witnessed them continually overcome many obstacles on their journey to blossoming into beautiful souls; it is these two unique beings and their unfortunate beginnings that drove us to branch out to other angels in need, in hopes of providing them with opportunity to blossom.

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