Buddy Club

Buddy Club (2019-present)

GOOD NEWS! Buddy Club is continuing on the Davidson college campus, run by the students!! For the time being, you can still contact us at info@angelsinneed.org if you are interested in participating. Angels in Need continues to play an advisor role and is working with the students to help them continue this amazing LKN resource on their own.

Buddy Club of the Past (2009-2019)

For a decade Angels in Need sponsored The Buddy Club in partnership with The Buddy System of Davidson College. 

The Club

We are fortunate to have a special relationship with some extraordinary college students from Davidson College in our home town. We have partnered with the  students of The Buddy System  in order to help provide a once weekly Buddy Club for local exceptional children. The Buddy System was founded in 2009 by Billy Powers who has an exceptional heart for exceptional children and works passionately and tirelessly on their behalf.

The Buddy Club provides opportunity for local children with special needs to build much needed friendships and offers them a safe haven where they are welcomed and appreciated for who they are. We meet once weekly during the school year for play time between the children and the college buddies. This play is unstructured and includes such activities as coloring, puzzles, reading, singing, sand play, playing ball and playing on the playground. Some children prefer to spend their time just chatting with their buddy.  It is quite remarkable watching these relationships grow and blossom and we believe the college students are equally impacted as the children.

Buddy Benefit at Davidson College

The Davidson College Buddies not only share their valuable time with our children weekly during the school year, but they go above and beyond. In November of 2009 they hosted their first Buddy Benefit to help raise funds for our local children with special needs to attend therapeutic camps and programs. These funds are made available to children with special needs in our community in the form of Buddy Scholarships.  

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A Word of Gratitude 

We are are grateful to Billy Powers and the other students he has rallied for our cause and we indeed feel honored to have partnered with them. We believe that our children have left their mark on the Davidson College students as well... providing them opportunity to grow in patience, understanding, awareness and compassion... and leaving them better prepared to enter a world full of unique and diverse individuals. We cannot thank Davidson College enough for their support of this wonderful program and the efforts of these fine students.


We are also grateful to Davidson College Presbyterian Church who graciously offered us space to hold our weekly meetings.