Lake Norman EC Scholarships

Having raised a child with special needs, we understand the costs involved. So, one of our goals is to help ease this financial burden. For qualified families living in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina, we offer scholarships for their exceptional child to attend specific local therapeutic camps and programs designed to meet their unique needs .

If you are caring for a child with special needs and are interested in receiving a scholarship, please contact us at We would consider it an honor to help make it possible.

If you are interested in helping send a child to camp, you may make a donation here. Please mark your gift for "Lake Norman Special Needs".

Who can receive a Scholarship?

Families living in the Lake Norman area who are caring for a child with special needs (age 0-18).  These are partial scholarships limited to one per family. If there is a particular financial hardship there may possibly be additional funding available.

What camps/programs accept AiN Scholarships?

We are willing to work with most any organization that meets our criteria. We require that the organization provides camps or therapeutic programs designed specifially for the EC population or for their inclusion.

Are scholarships dependent on financial need?

No. These scholarships are not dependent on financial need. They are a gift from AiN to you and your child.

How do I obtain a scholarship?

Contact us at info@angelsinneed with your request.