Our mission


It is our mission to serve individuals in Romania who are disabled, poverty-stricken, abandoned and/or orphaned. 

UPDATE: For over two decades we had the pleasure of serving the children at House of Angels in Romania. However, at the end of  2022, due to forces beyond its control, House of Angels was forced to close its doors. 

This news cut to the core of every single heart involved with HoA; deeply for us who have served them for the past two decades; deeper for those who have fought what has now been enforced; and deeper still for the children, teens and young adults who called HoA home

Having funds remaining, Angels in Need continues to partner with Carabella, Inc. to continue our mission. We will use these funds, plus any future donations, towards individual 'NEW DOOR' projects to help the ones who have moved from HoA, if possible, and/or the poverty-stricken families of those who attended the After School Enrichment program and perhaps others.

With sadness, gratitude and hope; please stay tuned.

Angels in Need is a grass-roots, 100% volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity based in Davidson, North Carolina. We operate on a volunteer basis. There are no salaries involved and there is no facility overhead.