Become an Attendant Spirit

Angel, noun: an attendant spirit or guardian

We are always in need of Attendant Spirits (monthly sponsors) for the children at House of Angels to help provide care for these children on a daily basis.

How to become an Attendant Spirit

1) Select a child


You may contact first to see pictures

or fill out the form and choose a child's name from a list.

2) Set up $25 monthly donations

You may send checks (monthly, biannually or annually);

set up recurring monthly payments via PayPal;

or use your online automatic bill pay through your bank.

CLICK HERE for donation details

3) Receive updates and pictures upon request

Email to submit your request.

Child Sponsorship: $25 per month

It is very difficult to express the impact you will have,

but you will have a tremendous impact on the life that you choose to enrich.

On behalf of the child you choose to sponsor, our sincerest THANK YOU.