RoG Operation Happy Feet

In 2005, when we traveled to Republic of Georgia to bring our second daughter home, we witnessed first hand what a thrill a new pair of shoes is to a child who has no home and no thing to call their own, as seen in these photos. It was both amazing and sad to see just how little it took to excite the children. So we have decided to do the same for the children in the "Orphanage Satnoeba" where our daughter might very well be living now, had she not joined our family. 
We are currently accepting donations in order to purchase new shoes for 42 children in this orphanage in Tblisi, Republic of Georgia.
If you are interested in providing a new pair of shoes for one of these children, a donation of $37 can be made here. Please be sure to mark your gift for "RoG Operation Happy Feet". You can rest assured your gift will brighten a child's day.