September 6, 2010

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... providing opportunity for children to blossom...




September 6, 2010


Local efforts:

LKN Exceptional Children


Efforts abroad: 

House of Angels, Romania

Republic of Georgia





"The value of a man resides in what he gives
and not in what he is capable of receiving.”

~ Albert Einstein ~



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Our sincerest gratitude...


We cannot thank you enough for considering joining us in our mission.

Without you we would be unable to provide opportunity for children to blossom.

House of Angels, Romania
In Danger of Closing Down!
Operation "Keep Hope Alive!"


Having one of its own under our care, Romania and its children hold a special place in our hearts. We began working with House of Angels six years ago, shortly after our first adoption and it has been both an honor and a privilege to work with Simona, Founder and Director of HoA, to help provide love and nourishment for the impoverished, abandoned and disabled children in her small Romanian community. It has been unbelievably rewarding to witness the wonderful opportunity offered to the children she serves... opportunity to overcome circumstances... opportunity that many of you, her supporters, have provided.



The past few months, however, have been a very difficult and challenging time for House of Angels, both financially and bureaucratically. So, Simona is now in the process of contemplating the future path of HoA. 


In order to continue her vital work, HoA is in great need of ongoing funding and supporters who are willing to help monthly. As you can imagine, providing children with physical therapy, help with schoolwork, nutritious meals, and a warm, comfortable environment, comes at quite a cost. Funding that she can rely on from month to month is her single greatest need and an absolute necessity for her to continue.


We cannot adequately stress how great the need is among these children and what a wonderful opportunity HoA provides not only its children but each of us to share what we have with those who have either nothing at all or so very little.


If you would consider being a part of the team that keeps this hope alive by pledging monthly donations... your generosity would be most appreciated. You can email us your pledge of commitment by the end of September (donations to begin the beginning of October) to Depending on the level of commitment, Simona will, at the end of this month, let us know whether or not she can continue helping the children by providing the programs outlined in her recent letter to her supporters and we will let you know how to go about making the actual monthly donations.  


We are asking now, more than ever before, for the sake of these children, please help us keep hope alive!


Click here for more info on our work with House of Angels.



Lake Norman Special Needs:
Operation "Enrichment"


100% of "Angels in Need" work is done on a volunteer basis. There are no salaries involved and there is no facility overhead. Through the help of our "Exceptional Moms" we are able to provide much of what we offer for Lake Norman's exceptional children and their families at no cost.


However, one of our goals is to provide scholarships for children to attend local programs and camps that help enrich their lives and provide them with a sense of belonging in the community, fun activities with trained professionals who come equipped with knowledge and expertise to handle their special needs, and rare and much needed social outlets. These children are rarely invited to play, rarely invited to parties... so these activities are vital for providing them with opportunity for social interaction and a sense of community.


Parenting a child with special needs can be extremely costly and overwhelming, so offering these scholarships helps provide these children with opportunity they might otherwise not be able to afford, as well as provide the families with some much needed relief and rejuvenation time.


If you would like to sponsor a local Lake Norman child by paving the way for him/her to attend a local program or camp, sponsorships can be in the amounts of $50 or $100, or you may donate any amount you like to go towards a scholarship.


Your gift will be received with much gratitude and welcomed relief from a family.


Click here to provide a scholarship. Please designate your gift for "Lake Norman Special Needs".


Click here to learn more about what we offer to Lake Norman's exceptional children and their families.



Red Cross Society, Republic of Georgia:
Operation "Happy Feet"


In 2005, when we traveled to Republic of Georgia to bring our second daughter home, we witnessed first hand what a thrill a new pair of shoes is to a child who has no home and no thing to call their own. It was both amazing and sad to see just how little it took to excite the children. So we have decided to do the same for the children in the "Orphanage Satnoeba" where our daughter might very well be living now, had she not joined our family. 


We are currently asking for $37 donations in order to purchase new shoes for 42 children living in this Tbilisi orphanage.
If you are interested in providing a new pair of shoes for one of these children, a donation of $37 can be made hereBe sure to designate your gift for "Republic of Georgia".
You can rest assured your gift will brighten a child's day.  




"Although the world is full of suffering,

it is full also of the overcoming of it."


~ Helen Keller ~