Buddy Scholarships

Buddy Scholarships

What are Buddy Scholarships?
Buddy Scholarships are scholarships made available through Angels in Need as a result of the Buddy Benefit hosted by our Davidson College Buddies.

Who can receive a Buddy Scholarship?
Families living in the Lake Norman area who are caring for a child with special needs (age 0-18).

What camps/programs accept Buddy Scholarships?
We partner with specific organizations in our area to provide scholarships for the particular camps/programs they sponsor. This list of organizations changes from year to year. The best way to keep abreast of which specific camps/programs accept these scholarships is by joining our group of Exceptional Moms and getting on this distribution list. 

When are Buddy Scholarships available?
Buddy Scholarships are generally made available to our Exceptional Moms members at the end of each school year, as summer approaches, via our Exceptional Moms newsletters.

Are they dependent on financial need?
No. These particular scholarships are not dependent on financial need, but rather are a gift from our College Buddies and AiN to you. They are generally partial scholarships limited to one per family. If there is a particular financial hardship there may possibly be additional funding available.