"Exceptional Welcome" packages

Are you a new to our Lake Norman "special needs" community?
Has your child recently been faced with a new diagnosis?
Have you recently relocated to the LKN area?
For those of you who are new to our "special needs" community, whether by new diagnosis or relocation to the Lake Norman area, we would love the opportunity to offer you an "Exceptional Welcome" package!
Being faced with a new diagnosis of a disability can come as a great shock. Families are suddenly faced with readjusting their hopes and dreams for both their child and the entire family. Dealing with this shock and the subsequent grieving process can be extremely difficult for families. So the task of searching for the various pieces of a support system while also adjusting to this initial shock can be overwhelming.
Likewise, those who move into our Lake Norman area with an existing diagnosis are faced also with a challenge. Not only is it more difficult for a child with special needs to transition to the new environment, but these families have already experienced the intricate process of resource searching, only to find themselves having to leave their valuable support system behind and once again face the search all over again.
We hope we can help!
The goal of the "Exceptional Welcome" package is to
  • welcome these families into a community of exceptional moms, dads, kids, caregivers and volunteers
  • help ease the burden on these families by providing them  instantly with information on available services, resources and opportunities available in the Lake Norman area for children with special needs and their families... information they can have in an organized fashion and readily available at their fingertips.

How to receive an "Exceptional Welcome" package

If you are new to our LKN "special needs" community (within the past year), whether by new diagnosis or relocation to the Lake Norman area (i.e. Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius or Huntersville), please contact us at info@angelsinneed.org for YOUR "Exceptional Welcome" package!!!