Exceptional Moms' Workshops

We occasionally offer workshops for those caring for children with special needs and the community at large. If you are interested in learning about any future workshops we offer you may join our email distribution list by emailing info@angelsinneed.com.
In the past we have offered the following:
  • Brain Integration: Building the Pyramid for Optimal Functioning: Presented by Adele Shiessle, Brain Integration Specialist, Optimal You
  • Building Healthy and Nutritionally Sound Families: Presented by:  Sheila Kilbane MD of Touchstone Care 
  • Financial Planning Seminar: Presented by Ryan Platt, MBA and Tom Nichols of A Special Needs Plan
  • Sensory Workshops: Exploring how the sensory processing and integration issues can impact a child's ability to perform in an academic environment and offering simple methods to enhance brain function and educational performance. Presented by: KidsAbilities Occupational Therapists Valerie Goodfriend OTR/L & Norma Wright OTR/L.
  • "The Missing Link in Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asthma and Allergies":
    Addressing vital issues such as nutrition, beneficial supplementation, toxicity and the chronic disease process, your immune system and the “Gut-Brain” connection, and more. Presented by: Anthony Castiglia, MD of Advanced Integratvie Medicine in Mooresville, NC.
  • "Presentation on Services Available for Families Dealing with Developmental Disabilities (Including CAP)"

    An overview of what services are available and information on how to go about getting those services.
    Presented by: Mecklenbury County Employee, Gena Chambers

Workshops are held in Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersvile or Mooresville, NC.