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HoA Supporters

Some of HoA's Amazing Supporters

We are so grateful for those of you who have helped support House of Angels over the years.
House of Angels would not be here without you who support it. Ionela, George, Catalina, Adrian and Georgiana would have no hot nutritious meals, nor would they have help with their homework or a place with electricity in which to do it. Mihai, would have made no progress at all when it comes to walking. He, along with Lili and Ionut, would have no opportunity to feel pride in what they are able to accomplish. And HoA's 20 new abandoned and orphaned children, with varying degrees of special needs, would have remained in state care with little attention paid to even their most basic needs, much less to their special needs.
Because of you, all of these children now have their most basic needs met, opportunity to grow and succeed, a positive loving environment in which to thrive and most importantly, love.
Now we are calling on you once again for support as House of Angels is in desperate need of funding and in danger of closing it's After School Program for the summer simply because the necessary funding is not available.
HoA's greatest need is monthly sponsors, income they can count on from month to month in order to continue helping children overcome their suffering and circumstances.
If you would like to play a role, we would be most grateful. Monthly recurring donations can be set up here