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Operation "Bear" Necessities

posted Jun 16, 2011, 7:07 AM by jeni cooper   [ updated Jun 29, 2011, 1:48 PM ]



Operation "Bear" Necessities
for House of Angels, Romania
June, 2011


Lucky? Blessed? Fortunate? Rewarded?

However we view our circumstances, most who are reading these words would agree that whether it's luck, blessing, good fortune or a reward for hard work, the term "bare necessities" has lost its meaning.


We live in warm, comfortable homes, we worry not where our next meal will come from, we sport about in nearly new vehicles, we are privy to entertainment on a whim, we don our bodies as artistic expression rather than out of necessity.


It is EASY for us to forget about necessity and it is easy for us to forget about those that do not have bare necessities.


Helen Keller once said...

"It is difficult to interest those who have everything

in those who have nothing."


Today, we hope to interest you :)



We would like to introduce you to 21 children who have nothing... not even the bare necessities. We invite you to take a moment to imagine what it would be like to have nothing... no mom, no dad, no sibling, no clothes, no toys, no home... NOTHING to call your own.


Click here for more photos.


As of this month, these 21 children have come from an orphanage for the disabled to live at House of Angels. HoA has tried this in the past but under extremely difficult and bureaucratic circumstances. This time, HoA's own nurses, teachers and therapists will be caring for these children. And Simona, founder and director of HoA, is determined saying "I will not give up until these kids will be able to take a walk in the town and buy themselves candies in the stores."



The Need

We can't wait to start pampering these children... 

 BUT FIRST they are in DIRE NEED of the "bear" necessities!






All items must be NEW.


If you would like to go above and beyond... any additional monetary donations will be used to purchase shoes in Romania for the children.  

How to Participate



Please consider joining us in this mission.


We need as many folks as possible

to participate.


Please click here to participate.

 We cannot thank you enough for your participation :)