How to Become an Attendant Spirit

How to Become 
an "Attendant Spirit" 

... an "angel's angel" for a child 
at House of Angels, Romania

1) Select a child
You may contact first to see pictures 
or simply fill out the form and choose a child's name from a list. 

2) Set up $25 monthly donations
You may send monthly checks, 
set up recurring monthly payments via PayPal,
or use your online automatic bill pay through your bank.

3) Receive updates and pictures upon request
Simply email to submit your request.

Child Sponsorship: $25 per month
... less than $1 a day!

It is very difficult to express the impact you will have,
but you will indeed have a tremendous impact on the little life that you choose to enrich.
On behalf of the child you choose to sponsor...
 ... our sincerest and most heartfelt