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Operation "OT"

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Operation "OT"
Occupational Therapy

HoA's Christmas Wish List

Will you consider purchasing an Occupational Therapy item for the children at House of Angels this holiday season? 

Operation "Attendant Spirit"

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Operation "Attendant Spirit"
... become an angel's angel...


for a child at 

House of Angels Romania.

Angel, noun: an attendant spirit or guardian
Sharing our hearts,
sharing our talents,
sharing our time,
sharing our possessions.
This is what makes an attendant spirit.
Sharing indeed enriches the recipient
but also enriches the one sharing. 
It indeed makes us richer.
What greater joy can we receive and what greater joy can we share
than providing a child with hope and opportunity this holiday season?

House of Angels 
has 21 abandoned children
in need of sponsorship...
... in order to transform hope into opportunity.
This holdiay season please consider 
becoming an "Attendant Spirit"
... an angel's angel...
for one of these children.
CLICK HERE for details.

“If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”
~ Mother Theresa ~

Operation "Attendant Spirit" Instructions

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How to Become an Attendant Spirit

How to Become 
an "Attendant Spirit" 

... an "angel's angel" for a child 
at House of Angels, Romania

1) Select a child
You may contact first to see pictures 
or simply fill out the form and choose a child's name from a list. 

2) Set up $25 monthly donations
You may send monthly checks, 
set up recurring monthly payments via PayPal,
or use your online automatic bill pay through your bank.

3) Receive updates and pictures upon request
Simply email to submit your request.

Child Sponsorship: $25 per month
... less than $1 a day!

It is very difficult to express the impact you will have,
but you will indeed have a tremendous impact on the little life that you choose to enrich.
On behalf of the child you choose to sponsor...
 ... our sincerest and most heartfelt

Operation "Bear" Necessities Pictures

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As of June, 2011...
21 children ranging in age from 3-15 have come from an orphanage for the disabled to live at House of Angels.

We cannot wait to start pampering them, but FIRST, they are in dire need of the "Bear" Necessities.
Click here to learn how you can help these children.
All photographs in this slideshow are the property of Carabella, Inc. Reproduction and/or use of these images is prohibited without the express written consent of Carabella, Inc.

Operation "Bear" Necessities

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Operation "Bear" Necessities
for House of Angels, Romania
June, 2011


Lucky? Blessed? Fortunate? Rewarded?

However we view our circumstances, most who are reading these words would agree that whether it's luck, blessing, good fortune or a reward for hard work, the term "bare necessities" has lost its meaning.


We live in warm, comfortable homes, we worry not where our next meal will come from, we sport about in nearly new vehicles, we are privy to entertainment on a whim, we don our bodies as artistic expression rather than out of necessity.


It is EASY for us to forget about necessity and it is easy for us to forget about those that do not have bare necessities.


Helen Keller once said...

"It is difficult to interest those who have everything

in those who have nothing."


Today, we hope to interest you :)



We would like to introduce you to 21 children who have nothing... not even the bare necessities. We invite you to take a moment to imagine what it would be like to have nothing... no mom, no dad, no sibling, no clothes, no toys, no home... NOTHING to call your own.


Click here for more photos.


As of this month, these 21 children have come from an orphanage for the disabled to live at House of Angels. HoA has tried this in the past but under extremely difficult and bureaucratic circumstances. This time, HoA's own nurses, teachers and therapists will be caring for these children. And Simona, founder and director of HoA, is determined saying "I will not give up until these kids will be able to take a walk in the town and buy themselves candies in the stores."



The Need

We can't wait to start pampering these children... 

 BUT FIRST they are in DIRE NEED of the "bear" necessities!






All items must be NEW.


If you would like to go above and beyond... any additional monetary donations will be used to purchase shoes in Romania for the children.  

How to Participate



Please consider joining us in this mission.


We need as many folks as possible

to participate.


Please click here to participate.

 We cannot thank you enough for your participation :)



Instructions for Operation "Bear" Necessities

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We are currently collecting bare necessities
to send to the new children at House of Angels in Romania.
How to participate in Operation "Bear" Necessities:
  • If you would like to receive a "bear" in return and live in the USA
    Print the attached "Bear"... preferably on card stock.  (see attachment below)
    In the bear’s heart, write a note to a child at House of Angels, Romania.
    Color and decorate your bear.
    (We are sorry but because of the costs involved,
    we are unable to send a bear in return to our friends outside the US.)
  • Purchase a package of NEW socks, underwear and/or t-shirts
    (we need all sizes, children range in age from 3-15)
  • Include a $10 donation to help with the cost of shipping.
    Checks can be made payable to Angels in Need, Inc.
  • Send your items to Angels in Need (see table below for details)

 Davidson, NC

If you live locally you can email to arrange for pick-up.

 Rest of United States

Send Bear, $10 and item necessities to: 
Angels in Need, Inc.
PO Box 368
Davidson, NC 28036


We will collect the items and ship them to HoA.


Sending items from the UK to Romania is much more affordable than from the US. 

 Our friends in the UK can mail items directly to:

Fundatia Cara Bella International
House of Angels
Str. Academician Serban Cioculescu, Nr. 40
Loc. Gaesti, Jud. Dambovita

We are sorry but because of the costs involved, we are unable to send a bear in return to our friends outside the USA.


Operation "Keep Hope Alive" Update - 2

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October 8, 2010
Where We Stand

Mother Teresa once said, "To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it."


Never before have we known that to be more true than today. Due to lack of funding, the lamp that has been lighting the HoA "House" and the kids it serves has been nearly extinguished. 


We are happy to report, however, that because of our new "Keep Hope Alive" team, House of Angels will be resuming its services. It will, however, be resuming with reduced services


Our goal was to raise in pledges

  • $1,730/month to continue the After School Program
  • $2,380/month to continue the Physical Therapy Center
  • Therefore, $4,110 to continue both programs

We now have 19 members of our "Keep Hope Alive" team and have received a total of...

  • $1,223 per month in pledges

Being grateful that this oil has been pledged to these children and believing that this oil can indeed make a huge difference in the lives of so many who have so very little, we have decided to do what we can for these children and take yet one more huge leap of faith. We are hopeful that as time goes on and as the economy improves, HoA will be able to expand its services to their previous level, perhaps even beyond. 



We are extremely grateful to each of you who has joined this "Keep Hope Alive" team. You are one of 19. Each and every one of you is providing a little oil each day, to keep the light lit in this building, as well as in the souls of each of the children HoA serves. Each one of you is a blessing to these children and we hope you feel blessed by providing this oil and therefore hope for these kids.


View a slide show here

to get a glimpse of the programs 

YOU will be helping to continue.

What's Next?


Since we did not meet our exact goal, it was a very difficult decision for Simona as to what to do. Should she continue the Physical Therapy program, because without it, these children would regress and deteriorate? OR... should she continue feeding, nourishing and helping to educate the children whose families will never be able to offer them a normal childhood complete with warm meals, toys, nice clothes and an adequate education?


In the end, she decided to offer a little help to all the children who she has served the last several years and not abandon any of them.



Therefore, your donations will be use as follows:



Serving 18 children ages 1-14

  • 11 children who have been attending the program for the past few years. These children come from poverty stricken families, living in the nearby villages of Gaesti. Transportation will still be provided by HoA’s minivan that many of you helped purchase several years ago.
  • 7 children coming independently from Gaesti.


  • HoA can only provide 2 hours physical therapy with the Therapist for each child. Each child has his own dossier and an individual therapy plan according to their diagnosis. These children were born with physical disabilities, so this therapy is essential for them in order to prevent their muscles from becoming too rigid or atrophied.
  • If we are able to raise more funds, Simona would like to extend this Program to include educational and occupational therapy for each child, plus a warm meal AND extend it to some of the children who were recently returned by the State to the orphanage next door.



Serving 15 children ages 5 –14.

  • Some have been attending our program for the past several years and some are newly identified children.
  • All come from the poorest families of Gaesti, living in extremely difficult conditions.


  • Each child will be able to attend HoA for 8 hours per day, (before or after school) and they will receive warm, nutritional lunches, help with homework, supervision while playing inside or outside in a warm and loving environment, afternoon snacks before they go home.
  • From time to time, HoA will offer additional services to help the families of these children with food, clothes, much needed household items, etc. depending on the level of donations.
  • If we are able to raise more funds, Simona would like to extend this Program to include more education by hiring a teacher.

The HoA Staff will be minimal:

  • 1 Therapist
  • 1 Supervisor/Teacher
  • 1 Cook
  • 1 Janitor
  • 1 Administrator

Continuing with these programs, HoA will still be short each month. But, we are hopeful that periodic one-time monetary and/or item donations to HoA; future members of Team “Keep Hope Alive”; and future "Operations" will help meet all the needs. 

From Pledges to Donations


If you have made a pledge to Operation "Keep Hope Alive", we are extremely thankful for your commitment to these children. The services are set to resume on October 18th, so we need your donations as quickly as possible. To turn your pledges into actual donations you may:

  • send checks monthly or
  • make credit card donations monthly via Pay-Pal or
  • set up monthly subscriptions via Pay-Pal

You may also want to check with your employer to see if they provide any company matching for charitable donations.


Click here for all the info on how to make your donations.


How Else Can I Help?


On November 21st, 2010, we will be hosting a Silent Auction at Toast Cafe in Davidson, NC, 6-8pm. The event will be a fund-raiser as well as a celebration of the gifts that children with special needs bring to our lives and communities.


If you would be willing to make an item donation for our auction, please click here for more details. We would also love to have you attend. Details will be coming soon!


The items donated and purchased at this event will help pave the way for more opportunity for these children to blossom.

Operation "Keep Hope Alive" Update - 1

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September 20, 2010
We are so grateful to all of you who have responded to Operation "Keep Hope Alive!" for House of Angels, Romania. We wanted to give everyone an update on where we stand. Thanks to all of you, we DO have hope!


So far we have 17 members of our "Keep Hope Alive" Team, who have pledged a total of about $1,100 per month. 


We need to raise close to $1,700/month for the After School Program and/or $2,300/month for the Physical Therapy Program to continue.


We cannot thank you, our "Keep Hope Alive" Team, enough for your generosity and commitment to offering hope to these children, and for helping us spread the word. We will let you know, by the END of September, if you should move forward with making your actual donations.


If you have not yet made a pledge and are interested, there is still time. You can email a pledge to . As you can see we are still in need of commitments :)



Again... we cannot adequately stress how great the need is among these children and what a wonderful opportunity HoA provides not only its children but each of us to share what we have with those who have either nothing at all or so very little.

Thank You HoA Supporters!

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We would like to thank all of our devoted House of Angels supporters.
Throughout this slideshow you will see the faces of the lives you have touched
and witness just how bountifully you have provided hope for the children and families HoA serves.
We suggest that after you begin the slideshow below,
you click on the pause button and then click to view each photo once you are ready.
 We apologize for the automatic speed. 

A Letter From Simona

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A letter from...
Simona Stewart,
Founder and Director
House of Angels, Romania
September 5, 2010 
Dearest friends of the House of Angels,
It has been over 8 years for some of us, and a bit less for others, since we have met due to the same interest : the desire of helping less fortunate children, orphan children and children who needed help. We all have chosen to volunteer in our way for this house of angels.
I am not going to mention any names but I can guarantee that each and every one of you is deeply imprinted in the walls, and the minds and the souls of the children and especially the nurses of the House of Angels.
I’m proud to say that WE, TOGETHER , managed to bring happiness and give a happy childhood time to over 300 children during all these years and we all have memories that nobody can take away from us.
Here I am today, writing you this letter and telling you that House of Angels came to the point where it might lose the building and not being able to care for any children due to the dramatic drop of donations.
I am finding myself in the situation where I come to you, dearest friends of House of Angels, and I’m desperately asking  for your help, like I did 8 years ago.
If we are still in your hearts, now, more than ever, we need your help.
We need monthly pledges for any amount of money you would like. Just send us back an email with your future commitment.
The amounts can start with even 1 (one) USD per month because the survival of the House of Angels depends on any dollar.
You don’t need to send any money right now but we need your commitment in writing by replying to this email and telling us the amount you are willing to donate every month starting with the month of October, 2010.
At the end of September, I will let you know if HoA will continue helping the children and how you can donate the money.
Your donations will continue the PHYSICAL THERAPY PROGRAM where 26 very poor children (8 orphans) with physical disabilities (not being able to walk) and no education at all receive individual specialized therapy, followed by occupational/educational therapy and nutritional lunch.... AND/OR ... the AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM where 22 children coming from really  poor families (8 orphans) receive lunches, naps, help for homework, supervision while playing inside or outside, and afternoon snacks before they go home... AND... especially will continue our (the children’s) DREAM OF SEEING YOU AGAIN ONE DAY. ! 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please always remember that somewhere, in this world, there are children who were blessed to know how it is to live a normal childhood with food, toys, education and affection because of YOU ! 
May God bless you and your families !
Truly yours,
Simona Stewart

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