House of Angels, Romania

We offer financial support and SPECIAL OPERATIONS  for House of Angels in Romania.

Simply put, House of Angels is a respite for children in need. Located in the beautiful hills of Romania, HoA offers an after school program, physical therapy and residential care free of charge for poverty stricken and abandoned children.  

At HoA, angels come from small one room homes, often with no running water, no bathrooms, no electricity, no heat, plastic for windows, tarps for roofs and parents who struggle to provide for them. Others, suffering from various disabilities, have been discarded and cast aside as unworthy. Having been abandoned by their birth families, these children have no family, no home,  no siblings, no toys, no clothes, no opportunity, no love... nothing to call their own. But thankfully, all of these angels have found refuge in House of Angels. They have now come to a warm, comfortable and loving environment where they receive hot nutritional meals, warm baths, cozy comfortable beds, help with school work, physical therapy, toys, and love and encouragement to rise above. 
Simona Stewart, Founder and Director of House of Angels, is a remarkable woman whose devotion to the impoverished children of her country is never ending and beyond commendable. We have  known Simona and worked closely with her for many years as volunteers helping with fund-raising, website design, newsletters and special operations. She is a friend and an ally and it has been an honor and a priviledge to work alongside her to help support her mission. 
Please visit the House of Angels website for more information on this amazing facility.

Child Sponsorship

We are always in need of monthly sponsors for the children at House of Angels, to help HoA provide care for these children on a daily basis.

CLICK HERE to learn about child sponsorship. 

If a monthly commitment is not a possibility, one-time donations are also greatly needed and deeply appreciated. 

100% of all donations designated for House of Angels go directly to HoA to care for these children.